Hello fellow readers, who are curious to know about the writer behind Raydant. 

My name is Raqda, an arabic name taken from another name Raghad. I’m currently a student, who has a passion for Art and Design- and of course, Fashion!

Here are a few facts about me that you may be intrigued to know about!
- I am the youngest in my family!
- I first posted fashion videos back in 2010-13 as a distraction on YT, but decided early this year (2014) that I wanted to showcase my passion on another platform hence I now primarily focus on blogging.
- Why I started blogging was to show other girls out there that we still can be fashionable and stylish like others without having to compromise our modesty.

I hope you begin to love and enjoy Raydant as much as I do!

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  1. What's your youtube I have a channel

  2. Great bio Raqda, and nice to meet you. Want to thank you for dropping by my blog and liking my blogpost.

  3. You and my sister have the same name! Except hers is spelled "Raghda". Poor thing gets called Raghad all the time though. Love the idea of your blog. Hope it inspires other girls to be like you :)

    xx Rana from The Picasso Playbook


Thanks for all the comments!

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